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Are You Man Enough

to use the


Take this quick quiz:

Are you a real man?

Do you have a competitive streak and need to be the best?

Are you someone who consumes liquids (our preference is beer, duh)?

Have you ever peed in a urinal?

If you answered yes to any Then congratulations! You are man enough to use the Whizometer.

You’re a bro’s bro. You like beer and you like to be number one. Whizometer combines the fun of competition, with the need to fulfil your biological needs. With Whizometer, you can find out if you are number one at going number one!

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Use the link above to send a note to your favorite bar or club owner. We’ll track the connection and pay you a kickback for each Whizometer they purchase. We will also know when they have it ready for you to test your speed.
Don’t worry, we hate spam and will not give or sell your email address to any other party.

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