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Give your customers
something to aim for!

Let the competion begin, and let the Whizometer be the judge of who is ‘going’ the fastest in your bathroom urinals! The digital readout will tell your patrons how fast they’re going in real time!

All orders shipped in 2 days

Play video and try not to laugh

Create buzz and intrigue potential customers

Just imagine a great review of your website with a note that they just have to check out your restroom!

Increase conversations between customers

Turn the most overlooked spot into your bar into a hot conversation starter. When customers are having fun, they stay longer!

Attract new customers

Once the seal is broken, guys will be challenging their friends to a friendly game of “how fast ya goin’?”

Keep men aimed at the right target

As the night wears on, men might be a bit lax with their aim in the urinal. Whizometer gives them something to aim at so there’s less on the floor and more down the drain.

Once your customers get a chance to try the Whizometer, they won’t stay quiet and your bar will be the place they won’t be able to shut up about.

The Bathroom Benefits

Engineered for main stream competition!
We know that the bathroom is one of the most abused places in the whole bar. We take product quality very seriously. That is why we have engineered the Whizometer to endure even the busiest of establishments.
The Whizometer can be easily installed in any standard urinal. Battery powered, the Whizometer is activated through normal urinal use. Your patrons already know what to do, just aim into the device, and it instantly registers speed in miles per hour.
We’ve carefully engineered the device so there’s no splash back. The device will monitor the speed of the stream while in use. Once it has reached its highest speed and slows down, it will flash it for three seconds. This way customers can see the highest speed recorded.

Quality matters! The Whizometer is engineered to exacting specifications and built to last the abuse of restrooms.

Design Features include:

  • High impact engineer grade plastic
  • High strength stainless steel axels
  • State of the art electronics
  • Built in lighting (for dark urinals)
  • Advanced Urnodynimac turbine design
  • Factory calibrated for assured accuracy
  • Easy to clean