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Benefits of the

Make your bar number one for those going number one

Create buzz and intrigue potential customers

Once the seal is broken, guys will be challenging their friends to a friendly game of “how fast ya goin’?”

Attract New Customers

And you know the guys will be talking about it over the next week or so, driving more people back to your place to test their speed.

Do you need to justify it?

Try this: As the night wears on, do you notice that the bathroom floor gets wetter as the guys lose focus. Whizometer gives them something to aim at so there’s less on the floor and more down the drain.

Cleaning up the bathroom floor twice a night can use up to 20 minutes worth of labor. That could average up to $7 a night in wages. Multiply that by 30 nights = $210 a month. Having a cleaner bathroom can cut that in half, saving you over $100 a month!

Keep your staff focused on serving patrons, not cleaning the bathroom.

Set yourself apart from your competition!

Fill a void in your bar that no one else knows about!

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*savings calculated on estimated averages in an independent study.