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Just use your smart phone (or have one of your employees use their smart phone) to capture videos of your patrons experience after they’ve left the bathroom. You can also include your testimonial of your experience, and that of your customers. Get us the video as quickly as possible. The first 10 bars that return an acceptable video will receive a 30% rebate.

Send us a video and we will include for you

  • Your logo to the video.
  • Your video to our Youtube channel.
  • Your video to the Whizometer website.
  • Your listing on the Whizometer map.
  • Your video to our Facebook page.
  • And we may even use your video with our next Facebook advertising campagin in your local area!
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(plus shipping & handling)

And don’t forget to send in your video to receive a 30% rebate!

I don’t think this is cool